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Sunset at Cactus Ridge

One of the many Blessings of country life


Thanks for visiting the Cactus Ridge Ranch website. We would love for you to come visit in person some time. We are doing what we love while we are tending to a few of God's beautiful creatures here on the Ranch. Of course we feel that our Texas Longhorns are the most beautiful anywhere. We chose the Longhorn breed because of their ability to survive and thrive in the Texas weather extremes. They truly are a beautiful breed with their varied and colorful coats and their graceful and feminine horn variances.

Our Ranch is on the edge of the Texas Prairie and just north of the LBJ Grasslands. We have an organic pasture of native grass that our Longhorn graze until it is time to bring in the hay. The ranch is located about 70 miles north of Dallas and Ft. Worth. We have beautiful rolling hills, winding farm to market roads and beautiful farming/hay pastures all around us. What an awesome treat to wake up and look out the bedroom window each morning and see our herd grazing, deer playing, birds feeding, a squirrel or two chasing, bunnies scampering about and even a coyote every now and again. Of course we have the ever-persistent pests of skunks, armadillos, raccoons and an occasional group of wild hogs. But, all of God's creatures are beautiful and enjoyable in some way. Aren't they?

Cactus Ridge Ranch established: June 2000.

The first Longhorns purchased May 4, 2002. The first Longhorn purchased was Lot 2, "Bet Your Boots." She is the beautiful lady featured on our home page. The first Longhorn bull born on the ranch was "CRR Jabez," our wonderful herd sire for 2 years. He was born May 31, 2002. The first year, until Jabez came of age, we were very blessed to borrow the awesome bull "Integrity" from Ken and Cathy Johnson at the Rock 'N J Ranch -

The Braswells (Mari-Kathryn and Paul) established: February 5, 2003.

Ya'll come visit and sit a spell. If you decide you like what ya see and want to take it home in your trailer, let's talk. Otherwise you can enjoy your visit and enjoy your drive out and back home.

We thank you again for visiting our website and look forward to seeing you soon.

Blessings to you and your Longhorns,

Paul and Mari-Kathryn

Herd Sire - Cherrypicker's King


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